If you are someone who adores female feet then you would certainly enjoy a foot fetish massage.

We certainly don’t blame you for enjoying the sight of a well-manicured female foot.

It is a part of the boy that is often overlooked in the main stream with all the focus being on breasts and butts, and other area of the female body that capture male attention.


So what exactly is a foot fetish massage?

To keep it short and simple, a foot fetish massage is where the masseuse will massage your nude body with her feet.

She is will leave no part of your body untouched.

She will massage your neck and arms with her feet and then work her way down your torso. 

The massage therapist is able to skillfully caress and touch your body with just the right pressure and intensity.

The best bit is when she gets to your most intimate areas.

Here is where the erotic feeling of being massages by feet really go to the next level.

If you have ever seen the adult videos where a sexy woman is rubbing the shaft of the male genitals – it looks great doesn’t it – it feels great too.

If you like the sound of what you have read so far and think you may enjoy a foot fetish massage, then give us a call and we might be able to provide it to you.

Like Foot Worship? We are okay with that as well. Make sure when you speak with Christina to mention that you like feet. More specifically, let us know your fantasy or if shy you can wait to let the body rub girl know when you arrive :).